Corona Virus (COVID-19) May Cause Delay in Visa Approval for Higher Education Abroad 

When the entire world is in the deadly jaw of Corona Virus – COVID-19, all flights are cancelled and no immigration office working on clearing Visas – be it student visa, tourist visa or work visa. Its effect can be seen in India and immigration offices or embassies of different nations – not issuing Visa in any category. For students from India, who are all set to get approval, are also witnessing a delay in their Visa Approval. Everyone is in uncharted territory as the news changes daily. JSEC Immigration Consultants and the team is also one of them getting regular mails for delay in Visa or no response at all because of the trend of Work from Home. Students, who are in touch with professionals here, are requested to be patience and wait till the worsen situation covered.

Follow a Few Simple Steps to Avoid the Effects of Corona Virus or Covid-19

It is the time to stay safe and reschedule your plan to reach any college or university for study. They have extended their programs and dates for admission too. 

Stay safe and keep social distancing maintained – recommended as the best measure to reduce the transmission of the virus. JSEC Immigration Consultants are following the critical recommendation and advise you to avoid any non-essential travel, until the virus is under control. 

WHO and other organizations recommend washing your hands frequently with soap or alcohol-based sanitizer. It is better to avoid touching your face and maintain distance between yourself and anyone, who is coughing and sneezing. You are advised to seek medical attention and isolate from others. 

If you have got your visa and ready to fly, you are advised to cancel your booking. The quickest and best way to find out, if your travel plans can be changed will be ideal. Make a contact to college or university or consult with professional consultants to get next date to fly. 

In case, you have to travel, it is better to keep all essential products and sanitizers with you. Keep distance from people at least 1 meter from each. 

A few changes in your routine life and making social distancing will be helpful in kill this virus and stay healthy.

JSEC Immigration Consultants guides you at every step and provides you with the right solutions. For any query related to immigration and delay, it is better to make a contact directly either by giving a call or sending a mail and leave rest of the work on experts working here.

Summary: Corona Virus or COVID-19 has become the deadly disease that has its impacts worldwide. For students, it is better to delay your program to fly for higher education. Don’t bother in case of delay in Visa.