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Study in USA

The United States of America (USA), commonly referred to as the United States (U.S.) or America, is a federal republic composed of 50 states, a federal district, five major territories and various possessions. The United States is a developed country and has the world’s largest national economy by nominal and real GDP, benefiting from an abundance of natural resources and high worker productivity. While the U.S. economy is consideredpost-industrial, the country continues to be one of the world’s largest manufacturers. Accounting for 34% of global military spending and 23% of world GDP, it is the world’s foremost military and economic power, a prominent political and cultural force, and a leader in scientific research and technological innovations.

Why Study in USA?
Academic diversity
Academic excellence,
More than 4500 accredited institutions
cutting-edge technology,
Extensive support services for international students, Generous funding opportunities,
Wide variety of educational options, flexible curricula and Hands-on training (OPT and CPT).
Study in Australia – Australian Education
Australia, the land of Kangaroos, has attracted the third largest number of the international students to come and study in Australia. Every year, around 400, 000 overseas students get educated from Australian universities, colleges and institutes. There could be hundred of reasons behind these unbeatable figures. Where the spectacular nature view, peaceful
climate and beautiful infrastructure are the undeniable reasons behind the popularity of this most preferable study destination. Therefore, before you get Australia student visa, you might be excited to learn more about the country’s lifestyle and climate. So, lets go further.
Australia is an incredible, beautiful country with endless opportunities. It is a natural wonderland of sublime glamour, incredible ancient rock formations, breathtaking beaches, crystal blue waters and pristine rainforests. Australia is the sixth-largest country in the world and has the lowest population density per square kilometer. The majority of Australia’s atypical flora and fauna can be found nowhere else in the world and the lifestyle is surely one-of-its-kinds. The Capital of Australia is Canberra which is another beautiful state of the country.
Australian Capital Territory: The youngest of Australia States and Territory legislatures is the Australian Capital Territory (ACT), Territory and not a State. It is the home of Canberra, the Australian Capital.
Northern Territory: The Northern Territory, Territory and not a State, has Darwin as its Capital. It is highly celebrated for Uluru, earlier popular as the Ayres Rock. This ancient monolith is purely spellbinding and a treat to the human senses. It captures the imagination and leaves the visitors mesmerized; that too with a deep sense of wonder they hardly experienced ever.
New South Wales: Recognized as the home to Sydney, New South Wales is one of the most charming and delightful state in the world. Just because of it’s high quality education it is most preferred study destination for International students who want to study in Australia. State boundaries extend from the sub tropical northern border to Extra Liberal Victorian Borders with Queensland.
Queensland: Queensland is bisected by the Tropic of Capricorn, and is rightly known as the Sunshine State of Australia. The Capital of Queensland, Brisbane, is one of the fastest
emerging cities in Australia and it provides an exceptional dais for touring the Gold Coast, popularly known as Australias Playground, and the Sunshine Coast which is famous for its surfing beaches, rainforests and elegant resorts like Noosa.
South Australia: South Australia is overwhelmed with adorable attractions to allure the visitors. Adelaide, the state capital of South Australia which is renowned as the City of Churches, is a lovely small paradise and is perhaps quainter than any other mainland capital.
Tasmania: Tasmania, the Apple Isle, showcase glorious lakes, majestic mountains, rivers, beaches, waterfalls, and much more. It makes a strong statement about how effortless it is to go across the whole island in just a matter of few days. Historic settlements of the quaint stone cottages that have been transformed into comfy and cherished accommodation dot the landscape.
Victoria: Victoria is Australia’s smallest and the most densely populated state
with Melbourne as its Capital. Melbourne, dominated by trams, is a fine medley of old European sophistication and the trends of the modern world. This small State, tenderly known as the Garden State, reaps a strong advantage from its comprehensive road network and is therefore great for a touring holiday.
Western Australia Western Australia is the largest of all Australian states. Perth, the City of
Lights, is the Capital and the largest city in Western Australia. It enjoys a Mediterranean climate all year round, and is surrounded by beautiful gardens and reserves, which are deep contrast from areas outside those areas.
Living in Australia
When it comes to accommodation in Australia, there are following four options to choose from:
Short term accommodation:
This is a helpful option when you first arrive to study in Australia and need time to settle there. You can look for hostels or hotels offering discounted price. Alternatively, you can go for temporary housing offered through your institution while you get settled after getting study visa for Australia.
Secondly, you can rent or lease an apartment of property that you can share with your friends. Sharing with friends make it a cost-effective and luxurious option for accommodation. You will need to talk to real estate agent and get a bond signed that held to repair any damage to the property while renting. Partial or full amount may be refunded to you once your tenancy agreement has terminated.
On Campus:
Most of the universities, colleges and institutes offer fully-furnished and on campus apartments to the students including meals and cleaning. This is the best option to
minimize travelling time and cost. For this, you have to contact institute’s staff directly.
Home stay:
This is another best option for younger students who want to enjoy full house amenities. Here, students have to stay with an Australian families offering home stay accommodation. A whole screening is conducted to check whether or not the house environment is perfect for students.
Australia offers a fantastic and diverse range of food for the students who want to study in Australia. A variety of fruits and vegetables are available in Australian produce markets. As a result, students face no difficulty in finding the foods they used to fancy at home as the market caters to a varied population.
Australia uses a dollars and cents system of decimal currency, with 100 cents making a dollar. The bank notes in use are A$5, A$10, A$20, A$50 and A$100. The Coins used are the
silver-colored 5 cent, 10 cent, 20 cent and 50 cent and the gold-colored A$1 and A$2 coins.
Students who want to study in Australia may benefits by less expensive and easy transport system. Australia has a comprehensive public transport system which comprises of trains, buses, tramways, ferries, two major national airlines and a large number of regional airlines. To go with it, and there is an extensive network of metered taxicabs running round-the-clock in major cities and towns. All transport terminals, main hotels and shopping malls have taxi stands; or else, you can hail one in the streets.
Everyone should know all these information before applying for a study visa for Australia.

Study in Canada

According to a report, the Indian students ranked on the second position on the basis of the number
of students that migrate every year to study in Canada for getting the high quality education. According to a recent report released on 7th November, 2014, approximately 13,758 Indian Students were got their Canadian Student visas. Apart from it also thousands of people from all over the world migrate there for gaining information from its world class education system. Not,only the students are excited to go and study in Canada, but also Canadian government is looking forward to double the number of students coming to get educated from Canada. To encourage the foreign students, in June 2014, Canada announced reformed regulations to strengthen Canada’s reputation as a study destination and improve services to genuine students, while maintaining Canada’s international reputation for high-quality education.
Canada land mass is 9 970610 km2 (The worlds second largest country)
1.Canada’s Population is 35.6 million (2011)
2.Expected Life Expectancy: at Canada is 80.9 Years (2008)
3.Immigration to Canada: 559,114 arrivals (2010)
4.Ottawa is the Capital of Canada (located in Ontario)
5.Canada has 10 provinces and 3 territories.
6.The Canadian dollar is divided into 100 cents (like the American dollar)
7.In Canada $1 and $2 are represented by coins. Nicknamed the 006Coonie
8.Canada is a constitutional monarchy and a federal state with a democratic parliament
9.The Parliament is in Ottawa and is comprised of the House of Commons (Lower House) and
the Senate (The Upper House – whose members are appointed)
10.There are currently 5 officially recognized parties in the House of Commons: The Liberals,
Canadian Alliance, Bloc Quebecois, Progressive Conservatives and the New Democratic Party.
11.Canada currently sits on the United Nations Security Council as a non-permanent
12.Canada is a member of many international organizations including NATO, OSCE, OAS and
13.It is also regarded as a relatively safe and peaceful place to live.
14.Canada is a bilingual nation having both English as well as French as its official languages at the federal level.
Now, if you think that Canada is a right place in terms of lifestyle, education and career orientation, and if you have planned to move to this country for educational purposes, then its a right time for you to start your process to study in Canada with the precious guidance of our qualified study visa consultants.

Study In UK

The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (the official title of the UK) is, in fact, a unitary state consisting of four main parts: the three constituent countries of England, Scotland and Wales (collectively termed as the Great Britain) and the province of Northern Ireland. Apart from 66 officialcities, the UK has a large number of towns big enough to be considered as cities. However, some of UK’s official cities are even smaller than large villages or small towns.
Sovereign: Queen Elizabeth II
Prime Minister: David Cameron
Land area: 93,278 sq mi (241,590 sq km); total area: 94,526 sq mi (244,820 sq km) Population (2010 est.): 61,284,806 (growth rate: 0.2%); birth rate: 10.6/1000; infant mortality rate: 4.7/1000;
life expectancy: 79.1 density per sq km: 246
Capital and largest city (2003 est.): London
Other large cities: Glasgow, Birmingham, Liverpool, Edinburgh, Leeds, Bristol, Manchester, Bradford
Monetary unit: Pound sterling (£)

Study In New Zealand

New Zealand is known as one of the most preferred study destination, chosen by the Indian students. But before planning about study in New Zealand, every student needs to get the information about the environment, culture and the locality of this country to get familiarized with it. So, firstly lets read out the most common information about the New Zealand that you should know before applying for the student visa for New Zealand.
Nature has blessed New Zealand to touch sun rays and start the everyday first. This is one of the most vibrant places in the world where you will enjoy archaic forests, mind-blowing landscapes and stunning coastline all at one place. In this way, every student, who wants to look beyond classroom walls while studying, may enjoy enduring experiences by living and studying in NZ.

Fact Sheet


New Zealand



Total area

2,68,021 sq. km

Area comparative

About the size of Japan & UK


4.72 Million

Population growth rate


Net Migration Rate

2.46 migrant(s)/1,000 population

Government Type

Parliamentry democracy



Employment Rate



New zealand dollar (NZD)

Regional Division:

Currently, nation is divided into 16 regions out of which 11 are regulated by regional council and remaining 5 are administrated by territorial authorities that performs function

of regional councils too.

Major Cities:
Major cities for study in New Zealand, where top universities and colleges offering the international education to their students are Wellington, Auckland center of commerce and industry, Christchurch the Garden city, Dunedin, Hamilton, Otago and Palmerston North
Temperature lies between 10 to 25 degrees that sounds perfect for overseas students. In summer, the average maximum temperature ranges between 20-25oC and in winter between 12-16oC. January and February are the warmest months, and July is the coldest month of the year.


Three official languages, including English, Maori and New Zealand Sign Language are spoken. Maori used by Maori people, sign language (NZSL) is used by deaf community and English is used for official communication that is great thing if you want to get an international degree from New Zealand..

NZ currency is NZD (New Zealand Dollar) and one unit is equal to 47.86 Indian rupees. It is marked by symbol of $. The notes available are $5, $10, $20, $50 and $100. On holding up to the light, an image of the Queen can be seen on notes.

Study in Singapore

Capital : Singapore Population : 5,719,165

Area : 648 sq km Language :Chinese, English, Malay, Tamil, Mandarin

Religion : Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, Roman Catholic
Continent : Asia
Singapore is the definition of East meets West. It is arguably the cleanest city on earth, featuring ultramodern skyscrapers peering over lush green belts of parkland. It has numerous things to entice and fascinate modern, culture-seeking students. Its also a charming multicultural city where Eastern and Western influences fuse in both language and culture. In Singapore, foreigners make up more than 40% of the population; including thousands of international student. The City is famed as the business, education and financial hub of South East Asia, having recently bagged the title of the worlds fastest- growing economy. Education is one of the most important means by which we help our young and the youth realize their potential. Singapore offers a world-class, broad-based education relevant to the needs of the generation and equips educational institutions with the latest and the best in educational tools and technologies.
Study in Singapore offers a holistic experience which goes way beyond books and campus life. The country features a life-changing experience of studying abroad and helps an individual in gaining fresh perspectives and get inspired by whatever is happening around the globe. This country narrates a saga of enchanting fusion of cutting-edge infrastructure and a world-class education system. There is a unique medley of Eastern and Western cultures in Singapore that garnishes the charm of studying here and fulfilling your career goals. It serves to be a melting pot of cultures.
Singapore is the premier education hub in Asia, offering a diverse and distinctive combination of educational services in a secure, cosmopolitan and comfortable environment. Driven by excellence, Singapore Education offers a broad-based curriculum and global perspective to equip students with the relevant qualifications and training that serve as a springboard to a brighter future.
Singapore, apart from being a financial hub, a buzzing place, a marvelous economy; is a flourishing study abroad destination of topmost priority for people from all over the world! Not many people are aware of its USP as the same and thats where its advantage lies! Worthy possessions, enthralling job openings and potential business alternatives, many such facets are still unexplored and a lot can be added, courtesy the skills that would be
brought in by the impending new immigrants to Singapore.

Study in Europe

Europe is the most popular study destination for international students. More than 12 percent of students in European universities and colleges have come from other countries for education. It is a unique place to study and experience a unique student life.
Universities and colleges of Europe are known for their excellence in infrastructure and latest courses. Contemporary techniques in campus and diverse professional workers produce excellent leaders from different industries around the world. If you are looking for the best quality of higher education, research infrastructure, teaching method, low cost study and the possibility of career, then choosing to study in Europe is the right decision for you. Europe institutions work under Bologna reform, which ensures the integrity and international recognition of students’ qualifications. Most courses and programs are taught in English, which are widely spoken and spoken internationally, and are taught as the second major language in most schools around the world. Therefore, international students find it easy to study in Europe. Why Study in Europe? • Students have to pay very little tuition fees in European universities. Living expenses are also relatively low in Europe. • By studying in Europe you can enjoy all aspects of life like nature and peace, outdoor activities, cosmopolitan and metropolitan lifestyle. • You have a wide range of options to study there a large range of subjects available to choose from. • Since the education system attaches great importance to research and practical aspects, therefore there is overall incentive for innovation and application for patents elsewhere in the world. • European universities are focused on innovation, creativity and support, so by studying there you can reach your true potential. • Europe is a welcome, friendly place for students from around the world. Universities and colleges of Europe offer support and social activities to help you feel at home and happy. • Higher importance is given on research rather than in theoretical studies. So, by study in Europe you will get the practical information instead of theoretical knowledge. • Studies in Europe are not just about lectures and libraries, it is a chance to find new countries and find oneself once in life. The benefits have not yet ended. If you choose your best study destination in Europe, you will also get more facilities. Below is the main list of best study destinations in Europe preferred by most students: • Germany • France • Denmark • Czech Republic • Latvia • Lithuania • Poland • Hungary • Switzerland, etc.

Study In Ireland

About Ireland
Perched on the northwest tip of Europe, this is the one place in the world where even time getting lost will be worthwhile… With ancient myths and legends to uncover, amazing landscapes to explore and locals who will be more than happy to reveal our hidden gems, just go where the island of Ireland takes you. After completing your study in Ireland, it is Guaranteed, you’ll return home with memories that will last a lifetime.  Along with the number of rainy days endured by Ireland each year, it also has much on its side from its international, social and economic standing to its views on equal rights and freedom of speech. There is a wide range of the standard of living one can enjoy and the availability of decent employment opportunities, free education and subsidized health care. Taking into account all these factors and many more positives stacking up in its favor, theres no wonder that Ireland is such a high demand location for international students with expatriates from all over the world. Ireland has a magical lure for many expatriates; all thanks to a strong and thriving economy and some of the worlds most beautiful scenic views. Not many places outside of the tropics are as green as Ireland. It features rolling hills and meadows with fuchsias growing all along the roadsides. It also speaks of miles of unspoiled and rugged coastline. The accommodations range from ancient castles and Georgian mansions to calm cottages and humble farmhouses. The maritime climate of Ireland is comparatively mild than most of Europe. Temperatures range from 16 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit, with mean temperatures of 40 in winter and 60 in summer. A number of estimates are published each year, attempting to offer an indication of how much it costs to be a student for one academic year (nine months) in Ireland. By some means, these figures do not include tuition fees. Estimates for the academic year vary between EUR 11,700 and EUR 15,250. But, it depends on the type of accommodation you prefer to stay. A great variety of accommodation is available to the students. It ranges from the cheaper option of sharing a room in private accommodation (generally at EUR 11,700 every year) to having your own room in a shared private house (generally at EUR 15,250). The expenses comprise of rent, electricity, food, books and laundry and medicine as well as travel and social life expenses. For food, one can hope to spend around EUR 70 to EUR 100 a week. These items include some meals bought on campus or from some cheaper restaurants. The average journey on a bus in Dublin is about Euro 1.40, but students having a Student Travel Card can also buy weekly and monthly bus tickets at a discounted price.At 344km in length, the River Shannon is the longest river in the British Isles and one of the finest in Europe. Winding through an area of outstanding natural beauty, this unspoilt waterway flows from the Shannon Pot on the slopes of the Cuilcagh Mountains in County Cavan to Loop Head in County Clare, where it meets the Atlantic. Rich in glorious scenery, filled with prolific wildlife, and dotted with pretty villages, the Shannon Erne Waterway is the longest naviagle waterway in Europe, and is a paradise for nature lovers, boating enthusiasts and those who prefer the quiet life. Northern Ireland also has its own unique Ulster-Scots culture, which is prevalent throughout the counties and is often expressed through music and dance. The Lambeg Drum, fiddle, fife and flute are just some of the melodic accompaniments to sessions of Highland Dancing, Scottish Country Dancing, Ulster-Scots Square and Country Dancing. And, if you also want to experience Irelands rich culture and its reputed education system, start your visa processing with the best Ireland Study Visa Consultants.


Also, we are here as a team to make you prepare for the language ability tests i.e. IELTS, PTE and Spoken English. Our IELTS, PTE & Spoken English trainers possess incomparable expertise and teaching skills. We have a team of IDP and British Council’s certified faculty. We have designed the curriculum and followed the teaching techniques that are suitable for every student and that are mandatory to achieve success in these language ability tests. We don’t force our services on students, but we first offer a free demo and give them an opportunity that they could never deny due to our talented staff. Also the facilities of our centers include the extra classes for grammar improvement, multimedia Classes and an up to date library of upgraded study material. Here, at Western Overseas Every module is practiced twice a day. On every weekend we organized the mock tests for our students, to analyze their practice, skills and to detect their problems in each module. Over the years, we are spreading our roots in Different cities. And just because of these efforts of our dedicated team members, now we are one of the top leading and winning education consultant in the North India. Simply we can say that join Jsec and took your one step towards the success.

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